10 Benefits of Enrolling in an Online Program

William Woods EDU

benefits of online programsOnline learning is one of the hottest topics across the nation. As more and more students are realizing the benefits, the enrollment numbers for online programs continue to increase, according to Babson Survey Research Group’s tenth annual survey. More than 6.7 million college students have enrolled in at least one online course.

Balancing your career, family, finances and studies may seem difficult at first. To overcome these and to empower professionals to fulfill their goals – whether you reside in Fulton, Columbia, Jefferson City, Kansas City or anywhere in Missouri or beyond – online degrees offer convenience, flexibility, in-depth learning and cost-effectiveness.

We can sum up the major benefits of studying online to include:

  1. Flexibility in schedule – Work, study and spend time with family as it suits you.
  2. Ease of accessibility – You can complete coursework anywhere; your physical presence is not required.
  3. Range of degree options – Sometimes degrees that aren’t even offered in brick-and-mortar settings are offered online. You can choose topics or courses that you enjoy.
  4. Students can work at their own pace – You can pause and continue work as needed.
  5. Various learning tools – Often you can choose tools that suit your learning style.
  6. Student Interaction – Group discussion forums, voice recordings and video clips may all be shared online, makes collaboration easier and interaction less intimidating.
  7. Teacher engagement – Ask questions and discuss coursework almost anytime via emails, chat, and discussion forums.
  8. Absorb material wellAccording the U.S. Department of Education, online students performed better. One reason found was that students usually spent more time to absorb course material and complete tasks.
  9. Save money – Not only on education, but also expenses related to commuting or babysitting.
  10. Save money on textbooks – Expensive textbooks are replaced with downloadable online reading materials and e-books that can sometimes be purchased at a fraction of the cost of real books.

William Woods University offers convenient online classes designed for working professionals.  The William Woods Masters of Education (MEd) in Teaching and Technology program is offered fully online, as well as many other graduate level courses that help busy working adults balance work, education and family life.

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