The importance of physical education to student success

William Woods EDU

In recent years, despite obesity concerns and national initiatives to get kids moving, some schools have chosen to offer fewer physical education opportunities for children.

In courses like EDU 527 Athletics/Activities Promotion as well as EDU 524 Current Issue/Common Challenges in Athletics/Activities Administration, William Woods M.Ed. students learn to both share their vision for how to stress the importance of health and activity to children throughout the school day and beyond, and build positive relations with community members.

In these courses, future and current school athletics directors, community activities directors and P.E. teachers learn how to stay informed on the research behind why physical education is so important to a child and young adult’s learning and development, and learn to articulate such needs to stakeholders and decision makers.

According to the non-profit organization and advocacy group Active Living Research, “Schools play a critical role in helping children lead active, healthy lives. Recess, PE classes, after-school programs, and walking or biking to and from school all have the potential to get kids moving.”

Active Living Research finds that kids who move more aren’t just healthier, although that is important. They also tend to do better academically, behave better in class and miss fewer days of school.

See their infographic Active Kids Learn Better below, which shows that students are 20 percent more likely to earn an A in math or English if they have physical activity at school.

Active kids learn better

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