Bachelor and Masters students working at the forefront of teaching and technology

William Woods EDU

According to a 2014 survey done by Project Tomorrow, a national education nonprofit organization, one third of students in grades 3-5 and nearly one third of students in grades 6-12 say that they use a mobile device provided by their school to support schoolwork.

Additionally, over a period of four years the percent of middle school students taking tests online increased from 32 percent to 47 percent.

Students at William Woods University, whether pursuing their Bachelors of Science in Education or their Masters in Education, have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and training needed to work at the forefront of technology in education.

For those students pursuing their B.S. in Elementary Education, the Enhancing Missouri’s Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies (eMINTS) Certification is a great way to gain experience in the integration of technology into your teaching practices. As one of only three universities in Missouri that incorporate eMINTS into their education program, William Woods University ensures that students will learn an instruction model that:

  • Supports high-quality lesson design
  • Promotes inquiry-based learning
  • Creates technology-rich learning environments
  • Builds community among students and teachers

eMINTS is a professional development program, created by the University of Missouri, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the Missouri Department of Higher Education, that trains teachers in technology integration through group sessions and in-classroom coaching and mentoring.

According to the Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission, 96 percent of U.S. teachers feel that integrating technology in education is important.

“The educational opportunities that technology gives to students are not only amazing, they are transformative,” explained Donald G. Knezek, CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), in an article by Edutopia.

The opportunity to grow your knowledge and experience in the integration of technology into your teaching practice is not limited to students pursuing their bachelors in education, but is also available for masters in education students through the William Woods University Online Masters of Education in Teaching and Technology.

Students enrolled in this degree program will take courses in education, research and technology that prepare them to enhance teaching methods through the use of technology, along with research and evaluate new tools, design materials and programs that incorporate them and assess their effectiveness.

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